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30 Easy Summer Nail Ideas

Today I am unfolding 30+ easy summer inspired nail art tutorials of 2017 for beginners and learners. Learn new techniques and tactics by which nail art would become easy for you, with practice you will be able to do it perfectly.

Use dotting tool to make polka dots, anchor, clouds, rainbow, glitters and vibrant slants to give a summer touch to the nails. Have a look at the collection

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25 Simple Nail Art Ideas for Short Nails

Long nails have always seemed super fancy and glamorous to me, but they’re honestly a lot of work. Because I don’t have that kind of time to perfect my manicure, I prefer to keep my nails short.

Keeping low maintenance and minimalism in mind, here are some fun and easy nail art ideas to keep your nails looking fresh. Because a great manicure doesn’t have to cost a lot and can be easily done while you’re watching Netflix at home.

If that sounds like just the kind of thing you’re looking for in terms of manicure maintenance, then get those polishes out because it’s time to get a little creative with your lacquer!

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20 Creative and Easy Nail Ideas

Come on, ladies! You have got so much to flaunt off. The incredible beauty that you own is simply incomparable which includes your graceful smile, your hot figure, your sexy hair and your stunning nails.

You know it’s a “good nails day” when you start thinking of glamorous, yet Easy Nail Art Ideas and Designs for beginners.

Unlike boys, you have got your nails to flaunt off by articulating it using these Easy Nail Art Ideas and Designs!

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13 Easy Nail Art Designs at Home for Beginners without Tools

Styling nails with cool nail designs and unique nail art has become quite popular among girls in recent times. Well-maintained, designed nails shows how well-groomed a girl is.

Instead of traditional, monochromatic nail polish shades women nowadays prefer to have their nails designed with cute nail art designs.

Nail art is the latest fashion statement and if you want to be considered as stylish and modern you should flaunt those trendy nail art designs which draw other people’s attention to our artsy nails when we are working with our hands like writing, typing, cooking, or

Easy cute nail designs at home

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20 Beautiful Yellow Nails

The color yellow represents the pure sunshine, so you will feel warm and energy when you see this color. Every girl must have bought a yellow item in your wardrobe. Maybe it is a stylish yellow T-shirt, a cozy yellow sweater or a piece of pretty yellow dress. Today, we’ve rounded up 20 fabulous yellow nail art designs for girls to get you inspired for your next manicure!

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20 Easy Red Nail Design

Red is a classic and appealing nail color. This is the color chosen by many fashionistas for creating amazing manicures. Sporting just a normal color to team up with the outfits can be very boring. It would be always fascinating when we try some creative stuff on nails in this new trend. You can beautifully create different red nail art designs to blend perfectly with your red outfits and thus flaunt for your next party.

Red nail art


Special red nails for christmas

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