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30 French Tip Nail Designs For Summer

French tips are probably the most popular and well liked nail art design of all seasons. It’s because you can paint them in almost any theme and design and they fit just about any occasion. They can be considered as all time favorites because of their flexibility towards the designs.

French tip nail art designs can vary from being simple, classy, and elegant, to cute, chic and awesome. They are the chameleons of the nail art design world.

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25 Best Summer Nail Color

This is the time of year when we’re all ready for some warmer temperatures and longer days filled with sunshine. We’re definitely over the snow and frigid weather and ready to shed some layers.

One of the best parts of the change in season? Switching up your nail polish! We’ve picked 25 pastel, cheerful and brightly pigmented nail polish shades to get you excited for summer.

In fact, just looking at these colors has us ready for some outdoor cocktails. Shop our picks for the hottest summer nail polish colors in 2017:

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